Friday, April 16, 2010

Mr. Bean project complete

More of my designs are in the "Mr. Bean's Big Fall" section on my online

Hello all! It has been a while since I have posted work, so I think it's about time I unveil the Mr. Bean project I have been working on. Above are a couple of my designs. If you're wondering why Mr. Bean is covered in clouds, let me explain ;]

In the opening credits of every original Mr. Bean episode, we see Mr. Bean fall from the sky and hit the ground under a spotlight. But the viewers are never told why this strange man drops and hits the ground face first as seen in this youtube clip:

Well A few months ago, it came to me. I suddenly had an answer. Might not be the correct one, but I think it works. A little fantastical but It works.

So Mr. bean was actually up there in the clouds in line waiting to go into heaven (Heaven is actually kind of like a huge amusement park). But of course, Mr. Bean is in the very back and getting impatient since all he could see was a line of people stretching for miles. So as he waited there mumbling and grumbling, he suddenly got an idea when he looked at a few clouds near him. He decided that the fastest way to get to heaven would be to put a bunch of clouds on himself as a suit and walk to the front with none the wiser. But in typical Mr. Bean fashion as he walks towards the front in his cloud disguise, he begins to float and fly out of control.... heading towards Peter, the entrance manager of heaven.
Bean eventually hits Peter and knocks over his podium.

Peter is very angry.

Peter decides that since this is the second time Bean tried to cut, he will just send him back to earth so he doesn't have to deal with him for a while. He didn't send him to heck because that would be a little too extreme.

Mr. Bean then falls from the sky and ends up somewhere in England with a second chance at life.